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Our not so diplomatic opinions on how some areas of the Rocky Mountains are being managed.

Rocky Mountains

The Rocky Mountains. In Colorado and Wyoming the Rocky Mountains dominate the landscape.

Rocky Mountains Review

The Rocky Mountains in Colorado and Wyoming are ideal. While hordes of people have already descended on Colorado, The Rocky Mountains in Wyoming are much more untouched. Still, even in Colorado you can escape the crowds if you're willing to walk into the mountain range...

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Rocky Mountains
in Colorado

Colorado Front Range - Yes, it's crowded. A lot of people have moved there. So this will be a test for people from Colorado. Which is stronger, the desire to have a wonderful lifestyle and preserve a remarkable mountain environment, or "develop" Colorado to the point where no one will want to go there.

There is still a lot of good Rocky Mountains here. The backpacking, fishing and other opportunities are excellent.

The Rocky Mountains in Colorado were one of the first places that Californians fled to when they were trying to escape that state. Quite a few native Coloradans don't like them, but there is in increasing environmental ethic in this part of the Rocky Mountains. People don't want to see the Rocky Mountains gradually developed to death.

Rocky Mountains
in Wyoming

Big Horn National Forest - just one of the fine stretches of national forest in the Rocky Mountains of Wyoming. This forest has the potential to be abused. It's situated out away from most of of the rest of the Rocky Mountains. So if visitation goes up a lot, it could be overrun.

As with much of the Wyoming portion of the Rocky Mountains, such as the Medicine Bows and the areas in the western part of Wyoming, the Big Horns are excellent for hiking and trekking. Lots of hunters and fishermen go there, too.

The old mentality of log and graze is still strong here. Not that it should be completely done away with, but as our Western civilization changes, there emphasis put on recreation and wilderness increases, and the importance of commodity production such as cattle and lumber decreases.

There are those who want to turn back the clock, or at least freeze it. One of those people lives in the White House right now. It's from these types that the Rocky Mountains must be protected. Wyoming has a lot to protect.

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