Rocky Mountains Environment

New Mexico and South Dakota Rocky Mountains are still somewhat part of the Old West

Rocky Mountains

The Rocky Mountains in South Dakota and New Mexico. Here the Rocky Mountains are less known to most people.

Rocky Mountains Review

The realtively small population in the Rocky Mountains of New Mexico and South Dakota make these attractive places. You can enjoy both dessert and pine mountains in New Mexico mountain ranges, and in the South Dakota Black Hills you hike in the eastern-most edge of the Rocky Mountains...

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Rocky Mountains
in New Mexico

Sangre de Cristo Area - This part of the Rocky Mountains in northern New Mexico is not as spectacular as some of the higher areas, such as in Colorado. It's wonderful, though.

This area has a comfortable feel to it - warm weather in the nearby desert or dry Plains, cool fir shrouded forests up high. And a friendly bunch of peole living there where nothing seems to change too much.

It's a part of the Rocky Mountains where you can go out exploring and not see anyone the entire day. I imagnie if you broke a leg, or maybe it would take both legs, and you couldn't get out, it might be a few years before someone wandered on to you. Or, your carcass might be devoured by coyotes and other critters and you'd never be found.

The combination of high pine forests, and low dry and hot lowlands below the mountains, make thsi a most interesting environment to visit.

And if Ted Turner is reading this, I hope someday you see fit to benefit future generations by turning your ranch into the Ted Turner Public Nature Preserve.

Rocky Mountains
in South Dakota

Black Hills National Forest - this is another national forest positioned out away from the main part of the Rocky Mountain range. It's not a huge and high part of the mountain range. It's more gentle. And enchanting in a delightful way.

Unfortuantely, the Black Hills is one of the most threatened of all the Rocky Mountains areas. There are a lot of private land holdings dispersed throughout it. That makes management difficult.

Black Hills backpacking

Black Hills hiking - Hiking and backpacking, for instance, could be quite good if these mountains were managed differently. As it is, the Black Hills are strewn with roads, and more are being made all the time by kids and adults riding off-road vehicles where they are now even tearing down fences and destroying delicate riparian habitat in stream bottoms to pursue what they call their hobby

Since only a miniscule .7 of 1 percent of the Black Hills has been designated wilderness, true multiple use management is not going on in this part of the Rocky Mountains. It's more like management for commodities, and the many housing developments that are springing up.

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