Rocky Mountains

Rocky Mountains backpacking and hiking heaven

Rocky Mountains

The Rocky Mountains - find complete seclusion and wild nature here. The Rocky Mountains are unparalleled for the outdoors.

Rocky Mountains Backpacking Paradise

You can still get away from it all in the Rocky Mountains. Far Away. The Rocky Mountains are unquestionably one of the great mountain ranges. For those who live in these mountains, it's addicting. The Rocky Mountains become home for a lifetime...

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Rocky Mountains

The Rocky Mountains sprawl over a good part of the western United States and Canada. All of it is fantastic. Parts can be crowded, such as the front Range area in Colorado. But you can also duck back into time in the Rocky Mountains.

Places like almost all of New Mexico and Wyoming, for instance, still offer wilderness that is close to what it was like before TV set ever started sprouting their horrible antennas in so-called civilization.

Rocky Mountains Wilderness

Fortunately for us, there was a time when the environmental ethic for the Rocky Mountains was much stronger amongst the elite in government than in the case today - like in the early 1920s when Teddy Roosevelt was president. He defied Congress and established public land and national forests across the Western United States.

In the 1960s, the wilderness movement took hold. Our legacy was established in the Rocky Mountains. Now it's a matter of protecting what we have from those who would "privatize" it.

Rocky Mountains Backpacking

The Rocky Mountains are one of the prime spots in the world. There is no doubt about that.

The most popular time, of course, is summer. Few people go during spring, which can be cold and wet, or snowy.

And few go during autumn, which is normally sunny and warm during daytime, cool in the evening, and cold at night. It's ideal, and relatively undiscovered.

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Rocky Mountains

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