Ponderosa Pine Sniffing

Get a nasal full of the amazing scent of the ponderosa pine tree in the Rocky Mountains.
And incredibly, it's completely legal!
Rocky Mountains "sniffus pinus"

Ponderosa Pine Tree Sniffing has been proven to stimulate brain function, increase social interaction ability, and be really cool, man.


It's a straight shot from the nasal passages to the inner sanctum of the brain - ponderosa pine sniffing is not for the weak of will.

ponderosa pine tree bark

Rocky Mountains Ponderosa Pine Sniffing

This is a recreational activity that takes about 30 seconds of practice to master. It's the ancient sport and science of ponderosa pine sniffing. It's easy to do in the Rocky Mountains.

The sport came close to dying out a few decades ago. However, in recent years, a new crop of ponderosa pine aficionados have taken to the forests in search of the best specimens of ponderosa pine to sniff.

The technique is quite simple. Once a likely specimen has been chosen, the sniffer sticks his or her nasal orifice up as far as possible into one of the cracks in the truck of the tree. Begin sniffing. The resulting aroma is quite therapeutic and has been varyingly described as resembling vanilla, or butterscotch. Whatever your opinion, it's nature in the raw.

The best trees to sniff are the big old "yellow bark" mature trees. These typically have a yellowish or orangish bark, with big charcoal-colored gaps in between the slabs of bark on the tree.

The ideal ponderosa pine tree sniffing days are the first warm or even hot days of spring. The heat seems to sweat out the most magnificent aromas.

Rocky Mountains "Ponderosa Pine High"

Once your lungs fill with the ponderosa pine aroma, the goal of your sniffing will be nearly complete. Your brain cells will being swarming, your stress level will drop, and you will mellow out into what veteran ponderosa sniffers refer to as the "ponderosa high."

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Rocky Mountains Ponderosa pine sniffing

Ponderosa pine is the ultimate Rocky Mountains aromatherapy. Used by Plains Indians as well as burned out hippies for decades. This is the in-thing in the Rocky Mountains.