Ponderosa Pine Trees

Ponderosa Pine - Ol' Yellowbark - pinus ponderosa
Ponderosa pine tree
(pinus ponderosa)

Ponderosa pine trees -forests range from open forests, to doghair stands. All are part of the Rocky Mountains ecosystem in places like the Black HIlls.

Ponderosa Pine trees can live to more than 700 years age in the Rocky Mountains, if it isn't cut down.

Ponderosa pine trees make one of the most beautiful forests in the Rocky Mountains.

Rocky Mountains Ponderosa Pine tree

Ponderosa pine trees

Notice the yellow bark that is common on the older ponderosa pine trees. The second from left tree was marekd with paint by crews to prepare for logging the area. Pine cones lay on th ground.

Ponderosa Pine trees in an open meadow in the Black Hills National Forest of the Rocky Mountains

Black Hills Ponderosa Pine trees

This photo is from the Black Hills National Forest. Notice the open spaces between the ponderosa pine trees - a common pattern where fire has been allowed to burn in the forest. Fire is a natural part of the ecosystem in ponderosa pine trees forest.

Ponderosa Pine Trees

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