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Old Growth Forests

Ponderosa Pine and the U.S. Forest Service

Some folks never saw a big Rocky Mountains ponderosa pine tree that they didn't want to cut down. Why many of the remaining mature old growth forests of ponderosa pines should be saved in the Rocky Mountains.

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Ponderosa `Growth Forests

Old growth ponderosa pine forest is one of the great ecosystems of the Rocky Mountains. Thke ponderosa pine environment is one of the most important natural systems in the Rocky Mountains.

Old Friends Old Growth Forests in the Rocky Mountains

If a big ponderosa pine dies in the forest, it isn't "wasted", it's part of the ecosystem.

Help save the remaining old-growth forests of ponderosa pine trees that have managed to survive the logger's chain saw in the Rocky Mountains. Favor old growth forests in national forest management plans.

old growth forests

Old Growth Forests of Ponderosa Pine forests in the Rocky Mountains

Old growth forests of ponderosa pine forest is rare these days. The truly big, old growth forest trees are mostly gone - cut down by loggers in search of lumber.

Nowadays, the few that remain are threatened. In the logging community there is a feeling that if a ponderosa pine tree is allowed to grow old and die a natural death, it has been "wasted."

It all depends on one's point of view. But to me, a board isn't the natural ecological climix of old growth forests. A dying tree which supplies mulch and fertilization for the rest of the forest is the climax. So, is the decades it can take for a standing, dead ponderosa pine to fall. During this time it is home to insects and small mammals. Old, dead trees are prime habitat for various birds such as woodpeckers, that seek out insects in the trunks of the dead ponderosa pines.

Urge the U.S. Forest Service to save the remaining old growth forests of Rocky Mountains Ponderosa Pine trees

As a U.S. citizen, no matter where you live, you own part of our public lands in the Rocky Mountains. You own part of the national forests, and part of the national parks, and part of the national grasslands. You own these just as much if you are a kid in New York City, as does a logging company executive who logs the national forests and lives in the West.

Let the U.S. Forest Service know you want them to save your old growth forests of ponderosa pines trees that grow on your land on your national forest. There aren't that many old growth ponderosa pines left to save.

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Old Growth Forests

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